Hey there, I'm Emily! 

Photo by Rio Chantel Harris 

Photo by Rio Chantel Harris 


A little bit about me. 

Portrait photography and content creation are my specialties. I love the opportunity it brings to connect with people while creating art!

 I have a Bachelor of Arts in communication studies with a minor in journalism from the University of Montana. 

I'm a little bit quirky, quiet, proudly left-handed, and was raised in rural Northeast Montana. 

It's pretty common for me to have a song to sing for nearly every situation. 

There aren't enough classic potato chips in the world to keep me full! (Low key in love.)

I have a talent for remembering birthdays. There was a point in time growing up when I could name all 25 kid's in my class's birthdays. 

A few of my favorite musical artists include: Bon Iver, Modest Mouse, Fleetwood Mac, Grizzly Bear, Drake, Frank Sinatra, and Odesza. 

'Wanderlust' is a term that is an innate part of who I am. I've spent a brief amount of time living in Germany and New York City. The Pyrenees Mountains in France and Bali are also places I've spent an extended amount of time. I LOVE traveling!


For inquiries or rates, please email me! I'd love to work with you! 

Contact: emilyaetchart@gmail.com

Instagram: emily.etchart